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Erik Buell


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Dan Hurda

Director of Engineering

David Wax

Initially trained as an attorney, David took a left turn ten years ago when he first rode a motorcycle, and has now completed his transition to the motorcycle and mobility industry.

He notably worked in sales at the top Ducati dealer in North America and remains involved in a direct to consumer motorcycle distribution platform in NYC.

Artem Smirnov

After obtaining his degree in Industrial Design from Vitebsk State Technological University (Belarus) in 2010, Artem followed his passion for vehicles and designed both interior and exterior of cars for the Russian market. He moved into the freelance world in 2015, developing numerous concepts of vehicles from design to pre-production prototypes. 

Winner of the Rostec design contest in 2016, he also developed motorcycle and e-bike concepts that drew interest from publications to manufacturers.

Interview with

Ed Laben

Director of Sourcing and Manufacturing